Tyan-Shan. Mountain's Echo

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Nikolai Gazeev is a painter for whom Art of Painting is the only penetrating method of comprehension of the World through its Primordial Light.

A solitary work in Alatau foothills, after long studio meditations in St. Petersburg academic environment, gave him a tremble attitude supported by Master's skills of transferring gentle vibrations of human perception. The thirst for permanent communication with Nature deeply hidden all of us, has got a poetic breathe in Gazeev's works. Lots of "colourful events" happening in his small canvases expended by lights reveal the charm of Life.

Every work has a space enlarged only by colour gradations and emotional light-air stream penetrating over mountainous steps "from horizon line to diving heavens".

Owing to the Master Tyan-Shan's landscapes have acquired everlasting features which belongs not only to current moment but continue in the Eternity of Human being.

By Vladimir Filatov
"An Artist's Portrait within Landscape"

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